Scientific Committee

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Scientific Committee

Prof. H. Nazockdast, Scientific Chair, Amirkabir University of Technology,
Prof. A. Ramezani Saadat Abadi, Scientific Chair, Sharif University of Technologhy,
Prof. F. Abbassi, Sahand University of Technology,
Prof. F. Abbassi Sourki, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute,
Dr. S. Ahmadi, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute,
Prof. J. Alaei, Research of Institute of Petroleum Industry
Prof. S.M.Z. Alavi, University of Tehran,
Dr. S. Bazgir, Islamic Azad University,
Prof. B. Dabir, Amirkabir University of Technology,
- Prof. M.H.N. Famili, Tarbiat Modares University,
Prof. R. Foudazi, University of Oklahoma,
Prof. K. Gharanjig, Institute for Color Science & Technology,
Prof. I. Ghasemi, Executive Chair, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical
Prof. N. Golshan Ebrahimi, Tarbiat Modares University,
Dr. F. Goharpey, Conference President (President of ISR), Amirkabir University of Technology,
- Prof A. Haghtalab, Tarbiat Modares University,

Prof I. Haririan, University of Tehran,
Prof S.H. Hashemabadi, Iran University of Science and Technology,
Prof. B. Kaffashi, University of Tehran,
- Prof. A.A. Katbab, Amirkabir University of Technology,
Dr. J. Khademzadeh Yeganeh, Qom University of Technology,
Dr. R. Khosrokhavar, Iranian Association of Polymer and Chemical Engineers,
Dr. M. Masoumi, Iranian Association of Polymer and Chemical Engineers,
Dr. M. MehranpourIslamic Azad University,
Prof. H. Mirzadeh, Amirkabir University of Technology,
Dr. E. Moghimi, University of Crete, Greece, 
Prof. O. Moini Jazani, Isfahan University of Technology, 
Prof. H. Mohammadi, Florida State University,           
Prof. N. Mohammadi, Amirkabir University of Technology,
- Dr. E. Nazockdast, University of North Carolina,
Prof. M. Nekoomanesh Haghighi, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute,
Prof. M. Norouzi, Polymer Shahrood University of Technology,
- Dr. A. Pajoohan, Petrochemical Research and Technology Company, 
Dr. G. Pircheraghi, Sharif University of Technologhy,
Prof. M. Pishvaei, Institute of Color Science and Technology,
Prof. M. Rafizadeh, Amirkabir University of Technology,
Prof. Z. Ranjbar, Institute for Color Science & Technology, 
- Dr. R. Rashedi, Jam Petrochemical Company,
Dr. S. Rastegar, Amirkabir University of Technology,
Prof. M.A. Razavi, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad,
Prof. M.K. Razavi Aghjeh, Amirkabir University of Technology,
Dr. M. Razzaghi KashaniTarbiat Modares University,
- Prof. K. Sadeghi, University of Tehran, 
Dr. M. Salami-Hosseini, Sahand University of Technology,
Prof. M. Salehi Barmi, Research of Institute of Petroleum Industry,
Prof. K. Shams Eshaghi, Isfahan University of Technology,
Dr. F. Sharif, Amirkabir University of Technology,
Dr. G.H. Sodeifian, University of Kashan, 


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